Fruits and Vegetables

As part of our future plan, Acewin would specialize in providing customers with premium quality fruits (Mango/Papaya) & vegetables (Cauliflower, Cabbage, Okra Whole/Cut, Spinach, Beans), grown from our land. We would undertake new and latest farming techniques to ensure quality. Our primarily focus will be on developing ecologically friendly and sustainable agriculture methods.

We will introduce the latest technology in every aspect of production of quality fruits & vegetables.

Organic Fruits and Vegetable Farming

We will undertake new and latest farming techniques to ensure high quality organic fruits and vegetables are produced from our farms. Our quality of produce will make us stand out and gain demands for the taste and quality which will help us export these to a lot of countries internationally.

Our team of workers will follow needed procedures for plant cultivation, manuring, plucking, grading, packaging and dispatch.

Indian domestic demand for organic fruits and vegetables has been very strongly growing because of a sizeable population, a significant rise in per capita income, and a growing interest in healthier food products.

We will follow the best in class process and procedures in place to maintain high quality produce. We will hire experienced staff for performing the below,


  • Selection of seed
  • Preparation of nursery bed
  • Aftercare and transplanting of seedlings
  • Raising the seedlings in polythene bags
  • Planting

Plant Protection


Plant protection includes the disease control, pest control, weed control and protection from unfavorable environmental conditions.

  • We will use always well planting material
  • Utilize best time for planting specific seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • We will always follow appropriate planting method for certain rare produce
  • Adequate irrigation/ water supply will be in place