The Project

We intellectually support the people in creating this investment strategy by Integrating - the plant kingdom (agriculture farming), animal kingdom (fish, prawn, chicken, goat, dairy farming) to achieve sustainable ecosystem for India. This also provides the rationale behind the company name - Acewin Agriteck Limited as well as the project name - “Third Eye Vision”.

The project will be rolled out in 3 phases as below,

Phase I: The Company will buy an existing aquaculture hatchery unit in Tamilnadu to produce prawn seeds and fish seeds. These will be supplied to prospective farmers and entrepreneurs in and around Tamil- nadu and other states of India where aquaculture farms are available. At a later stage this will be done through captive consumption of our future integrated projects of agriculture, aquaculture, poultry, and dairy farming where aqua ponds will be available for culturing the prawn and fish. For an integrated project, hatchery is the initial stage to be developed first because it needs sea water. This cannot be developed in our inland integrated project.

Phase II: In phase II, integrated projects will be developed in 200 acres at one place. There will be five projects in each state of India. These will be self-sufficient and sustainable farms with core emphasis on fruits and vegetables through normal farming and green house farming followed by aquaculture, dairy farm, poultry farm, etc.

Phase III: In this phase we will create facilities for processing the farm products, by products, storage and packing, to ensure and facilitate smooth supply chain for consistent farm food products at competitive prices