Project Highlights

With the rapid growth in the infrastructure and the industrial development arable land is considerable shrinking and because of this now we are facing a grim scenario of chronic food shortages and inflationary trends.

Considering these factors ACEWIN AGRITECK Limited came out with a concept that encourages people to invest in and profit from land by using it to meet the needs of the community for food. This concept is therefore also a sustainable model which can help redress the balance between agricultural and industrial growth, making agriculture a viable and profitable activity. But most importantly, for potential investors, it also offers an infallible, zero-risk investment plan that gives assured returns. Yet another feature is that the project envisages backward integration of our group companies.

The project offers benefits not only for the investors and the company but also for the country, society and the environment as below,


  • Get carbon credit


  • Consistent supply of Raw Material
  • Stable price
  • Quality Produce
  • Organic Produce


  • Creating reservoir for Co2 and greenhouse gases to sink
  • Eco-friendly project
  • Reduce global warming
  • Creating good environment for future generation


  • Fulfilling the needs of those at the bottom of the pyramid(means food security)


  • GDP - Growth
  • Inflation - Control
  • Employment opportunities

*Carbon Credit:

A carbon credit is a tradable certificate or permit that allows the holder to emit one ton of carbon dioxide. Carbon credits also help to reduce concentrations of greenhouse gases. Credits are awarded to countries or groups that have reduced their greenhouse gases below their emission quota. Carbon credits can be traded in the international market at the current market price.