Milk and dairy products are integral part of every Indian household and they consume almost every day in various forms. At the helm of our dairy business, we use advanced horizontal technology and rotary parlours to produce hygienic untouched milk. Our dairy farms are home to an excellent pedigree and we have adopted a skilful approach of rearing our own livestock.

Being the biggest dairy farming unit with a whopping 1000+ self-owned cows we ensure that the livestock is routinely monitored by qualified veterinarians. The high quality of milk will be produced and make our customers satisfied and maintained a sustained and loyal relationship with Acewin. This is possible through sustained efforts like maintaining international breeding procedures, state-of art technology and the undying faith of our user’s. Each batch of milk will be produced and checked for quality and undergoes rigorous sanitation and packaging process before it reaches you.

Dairy Firm


We have a world class infrastructure with following facilities

  • Single rail feed barriers
  • Cubicle and mattress design for optimum cow comfort
  • The three functional layers ensure optimal softness for every load condition
  • The Soft lying area within the mat edges supports the correct resting position of the cow and improves slip resistance.
  • Connecting bar engages flush with the surface and facilities professional installation

Cow Handling


  • Automatic hoof washers
  • Automatic weigh bridge
  • 3 way automatic draft gate
  • Clipping & al Crates
  • Trailer loading facility for animal transport



  • Collecting Yard
  • Automatic backing gate

Maternity Wing

  • Pre Calving Pen
  • Post Calving Pen
  • Treatment Pen
  • Recovery Pen



  • Automatic scraping of longitudinal passages in cubicle building
  • Robot scraping of collecting yard and building cross passages
  • Optimize cow hoof grip to improve welfare
  • Reduce ammonia volatilization from floor surfaces