Chicken & Goat

Indian economy is growing at a great speed and the demand for food is increasing exponentially. Broilers and goats are the main meat-productions in India, and it is also one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand as well.

Acewin Agriteck Limited

will focus on providing the most hygienic and nutritious broiler/goat to our customers by using the modern technology and innovative ideas in broiler/goat & sheep farming. All Acewin projects are well managed with structured process and professionals who includes research scholars, Agriculturalists and Veterinarians.



Our farms will undertake chicken meat production, taking intensive commercial broiler growing to a whole new level of productivity.

    To provide a consistent quality and healthy broilers
  • • We will be careful about the selection and improvement of broiler products
  • • We will implement an efficient process of categorizing and specifying product types
  • • We will focus on identification of lines and selection factors
  • • Our breeding programme will be specially implemented to meet our product development goals
  • • Advanced environmental control systems will ensure a consistent product quality

As a result, we will be producing high quality broilers with less mortality percentages.



Our goat farm will be entirely designed to make it compatible with the luxury living for the goats. The rest homes will be evenly divided per/sq.ft in such a way that every goat is comfortable in using its space.

  • Every single technical point will be kept in mind before the elevation of any rest home viz: ventilation, height, mobility, and flooring and humidity control devices
  • The main aspect of designing will be its floor which will be 3ft-4ft above ground level with an average spacing to allow their droppings flow down
  • The accumulated dung will later be cleaned and removed through small window opening below
  • Rest homes will be planned in such a manner that during any climate or weather it gives complete comfort to the goats